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Commissions are full as of 30th January 2016! Thank you for commissioning!

Available Slots:

1. CLOSED (Private - Complete)
2. CLOSED (In Progress)
3. CLOSED (Pending)


Nothing stated - Still discussing the idea with client.
On Hold - Artwork is being postponed.
Pending - The ideas have been discussed, commission queued.
In Progress - Artwork is being made.
Complete - Finished and sent to client.


Bust Shot - $60 [Fully rendered character and background, background may be blurred under request]
Bust Shot (No BG) - $50 [No background/very simple background]
Knee Up Shot - $90 [All of the above, Knee Up Shot]
Knee Up Shot (No BG) - $70 [All of the above, no/simple background]

[No additional characters, tight schedule]


If resolution is not specified, default resolution will be 6363x9000 px.

League of Legends: Syndra the Dark Sovereign by XephrosART Persona 4 Golden: Epilogue Naoto Shirogane by XephrosART Legend of Korra: Asami Sato by XephrosART Love Live School Idol Project: Eli Ayase by XephrosART League of Legends: DJ Sona Concussive by XephrosART  Attack on Titan: Hanji Zoe by XephrosART Kantai Collection: Yamato Class Battleship Musashi by XephrosART League of Legends: Sejuani the Winter's Wrath by XephrosART League of Legends: Corsair Quinn by XephrosART


Commission: World of Warcraft Warlock Rumia by XephrosART Commission: World of Warcraft Hunter Laeadra by XephrosART League of Legends: Quinn and Jarvan IV by XephrosART



- Furries/Anthros
- NSFW/Offensive Content [Borderline NSFW is negotiable]
- Animals/Creatures [Small pets are negotiable]
- Realism/Copying
- Anything outside of my style

All commissions will be done digitally using Photoshop CC.

Payments must be made via Paypal (AUD). Just in case you missed it.

Non-Refundable Payment - Unless I am somehow unable to complete your request, then you will get a full refund.

NOT for Commercial Use! - Please contact me if you wish to use it commercially. If you wish to use the commissioned artwork anywhere, please provide credit.

I still own the artwork! - I may post your commission, you may request to keep the commission private.


Ah, so you're willing to go through with this? Excellent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1) If you are interested in a commission from me, you may contact me through 1 of 3 places:

Email ( - [My phone pings me, will be notified instantly if I'm awake]
Facebook ( - [I am usually on Facebook and will probably reply quickly]
DeviantART Notes - [Occasionally popping in out of dA, not as often as Facebook]

Please USE ONE PER COMMISSION, your commission will be declined if you submit the same request multiple times.

Please provide as much detail as possible for your commission, anything that is not specified will be of my own interpretation. I am not a mind reader :)

2) You will be contacted with a yay or nay on your commission.

If your commission is declined, you will be provided a reason.
If your commission is accepted, we will discuss the payment, which will be done through PayPal.

You will be given an estimated date for the start and finish of your commission (I am a busy person).
Estimated time is usually no longer than a week upon starting the commission.
If the commission is required to be postponed, you will be notified in advance.

3) You will be contacted throughout 4 stages of the production.

- Line Sketch
- Basic Colour Pass/Greyscale
- Refined Painting
- Finishing Touches

You will be charged extra if you request major changes during or after the refined painting stage. It requires a lot of work to make changes during this stage.

4) I will provide you a link to the finished product.

You may request for the file in any digital format, default will be PNG.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

If you haven't checked out my Society6 yet, here's a link!


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Self taught digital artist.


Digital Painting:

With my workflow, I usually get something flushed out every one or two weeks.

I'm still quite weak when it comes to color, mainly due to the difficulties of color study with a color-deficiency of red-green. This can be seen within my works, they're either really muted colors, or really saturated colors.

Programs I Use:
- Photoshop CC

Programs that I'm trying:
- ZBrush
- AutoDesk Maya

Default Photoshop Brushes
Adonihs Brushes
Lee's Non Fancy Photoshop Brush Set

I won't guarantee instant replies, I'm usually popping out here and there on dA. Scanning forums and trying to help people where ever I can!

Canvas Size:
16:9 5k Wide (Generally)
A4 6k Wide
A3 5k Wide

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